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Crush it!

Gary Vaynerchuck’s “Crush it!  Now is the time to cash in on your passion,” was a fairly informative, entertaining and quick read.  “Gary Vee” is Vaynerchuck’s internet persona/platform that he uses for bestowing business and life lessons to his large group of followers.  The DailyVee is a vlog that are snippets from any of his meetings, mentoring sessions, travels and keynotes.  With these he tries to hammer home firsthand, valuable lessons about developing content, social media strategizing or really helpful self-help like habits to live by.  Gary’s got a captivating, no nonsense personality that’s definitely part of his shtick, but he deserves to be listened to from the amount of success he’s experienced.  His family migrated to New Jersey from Russia at any early age and his dad’s job as a stock hand at a liquor store enabled Gary to be in the position to have the ability to transform the business into the eventual wine multi-million dollar company, Winelibrary.com.  As one of the first retail online wine shops, he was a pioneer of internet marketing and mastered google adwords, email marketing, youtube and facebook marketing.  As an angel investor in companies like Twitter he’s amassed a great amount of wealth so much so that he constantly talks about wanting to put himself in a position to buy the New York Jets, which he declares has been his ultimate lifelong dream.  He’s also written a number of best sellers, created VaynerMedia to monetizes this content and has also recently started a sports agency, VaynerSports.

The three key things I learned from this book were:
1.  You gotta hustle- No matter what you do give it your all and never let up.  A lot of the good opportunities he got were due to his being aggressive, persistent and going against the grain. Find a job or an interest that you like so you won’t be one of the idiots constantly saying “Happy Friday”.

2. Be patient- If you are launching a venture don’t expect success is a quick timeframe. Continue to hone your craft, keep developing your skills, rinse and repeat.

3. Good content is king-Due to the ever changing landscape of digital media there’s a much great importance on video and audio.  Be articulate and creative, and do something different than the masses and just keep pumping it out.

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