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Agassi – Loud & Bright

Agassi – Loud & Bright

Andre Agassi’s embarrassing account of his former wife, Brook Shields insisting he wear platform shoes in order to match her height on their wedding day is hilarious. This, along with many other self deprecating stories make up his tell all autobiography, Open. Quite some time after his ascension as the bad boy of tennis in the early 90’s, Agassi’s reflective state displays an aura of vulnerability that heavily contrasts with the flash, aggression and confident swagger that Nike and other sponsors like Canon used as the foundation for their ad campaigns. “Hit The Ball as loud as You Can” was the slogan of one Nike campaign and the brand incorporated an unprecedented neon shade to design his Air Tech Challenge clothing line along with the iconic ‘Hot Lava’ Air Tech Challenge II shoe.

Staying in line with this strategy Nike used The Red Hot Chilli Peppers in a commercial to promote the Air Tech Challenge II. Nike distinguished Andre as the first tennis player ever to wear stonewashed, denim tennis shorts with compression linings to compliment his punk-rocker long hair. His groundstrokes and overall tennis game were predicated on power and speed, which produced 8 Grand-Slam championships over his legendary status as one of the sports all-time greats. The Agassi shoes are still very popular and Nike releases remastered makes from the original line with different colors and materials. With the US Open Championship match being played this afternoon it’s only appropriate to look back at shoes that punctuated his career with the remastered ones.


Light Agassi










BlackPurple Agassi

PurpleGrey Agassi


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