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Stumbling upon New Balance

NewBalanceNathan Duel’s NY Times “Letter of Recommendation” details a history with New Balance. He describes a preconception of the running shoe company before his eventual development of a brand loyalist perspective. 

I found his experience with the brand interesting and I’ve learned great talking points such as their existence as a foot arch company as well as an early advertising campaign. Before reading his piece I hadn’t given any extended thought to the 990 model. My limited knowledge of New Balance was that they are headquartered in Boston and besides owning a few pairs outside the 990, I simply knew this company makes great shoes. It was intriguing to learn of the model’s debut in 1982 along with the clever advertising slogan created for it, which was, “On a scale of a 1000, this shoe is a 990 ”. Duel’s discovery of the shoe was happenstance and occurred during his 2007 walking trek from New York to Louisiana. In short, having treaded through two prior pairs of more expensive running shoes on his journey he found himself in Louisiana shoe retailer deciding to give the 990 a shot (for the reasonable $100 price tag). Since then he’s purchased additional pairs and now the 990 price has climbed to $180, but due to the shoe’s durability and quality make his intentions as a committed buyer are firm. It’s clear this model of New Balance has made a lasting impression on him and it’s interesting to hear his story and the specific elements that encourage his brand loyalty. I enjoyed his story and as a shoe enthusiast I’m probably more like to give this model of New Balance a shot.

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