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Emily Oberg- A COMPLEX woman

Emily Oberg- A COMPLEX woman

Emily Oberg is a devastatingly attractive 20-something-year-old native Canadian.  Oberg has become an internet sensation from her correspondent role at the pop culture and fashion website, Complex News.  She covers topics across music, culture, sports, sneakers and style.  The curated style of retro grade brands she sports along with her charismatic personality makes Emily Oberg a fan favorite.


In the past year since she’s started at Complex, her surge in popularity is evident from a large social media presence and new brand endorsements.  Emily has thousands of followers on Instagram (63.4k) and Twitter (25.5k).  To boot, she was featured in an ad for IconQ headphones. New Balance has also made custom shoes for her to flaunt on Instagram.  Aside from having very attractive looks, the leggy brunette has just as welcoming of a personality.  She speaks with a fast delivery and possesses a quick-witted sarcasm.  Aside from her journalistic skills, Emily fashion talents are displayed in the launch of her clothing line, Sporty and Rich.  The brand aptly reflects her minimalistic, retro style.

Complex News is very efficient with aggregating timely, news topics from social media.  Their journalistic formula isn’t rocket science.  The playbook for Emily and other correspondents on staff seems simple.  It involves short snippets of commentary coupled with short video clips of respective topics such as “50 Cent Files for Bankruptcy” to “J.R. Smith Calls Caitlyn Jenner ‘A science experiment’ on Instagram.”  These low quality, clickbait news stories are projected behind the anchors onto an illuminated screen matched with social media screenshots, which tell the story further.  Complex generally releases 25 videos each day.  The site has grown to be a very popular media platform.  By the end of 2014 it amassed 45M unique monthly viewers.  Complex is very good at what they do.  However, producing imaginative and high quality content isn’t a constant commitment.

Complex sometimes covers extremely interesting topics.  Judging from Emily’s assignments on these, it would appear she has the coolest job ever.  From celebrity interview she conducts, or the many clothing and sneaker launches she covers in SOHO and across New York City one can assume that producing content for Complex isn’t a boring desk job.  Emily even traveled to Berlin for the futuristic sneaker boutique, Solebox’s opening.  She also had the opportunity to interview the artist, David Mascha.  

Throughout some of the more interesting Complex new stories I’ve noticed there’s little commentary given on behalf of the correspondents.  It would be refreshing to see the correspondents elaborate on these stories they’re covering with their original opinions.  Emily’s a well-documented sneakerhead and covered the “Rise of Sneaker Culture” exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum.  This could’ve been a great opportunity for Complex to assess Emily’s honest feedback from the show.  Instead, Complex solely deferred to the exhibit’s curator, Elizabeth Semmelhack for a generic summary clip, which followed Emily’s spliced, softball intro.  I’m a very big Emily Oberg and Complex News fan.  I’m also excited to follow her budding career as a journalist and to see the way her talents are used on-air.  

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