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Action + Fashion

“At a whooping 273 pounds standing at 5’7 3 quarters and a half…out of Flushing, Queens it’s.” Action Bronson is among hip-hop’s most popular acts. Of Albanian descent and slightly unkempt with a red, flowing beard and usually dressed plain-clothed Action appears unlikely as any to be standing in his current position.



This past March he released “Mr. Wonderful”, his second studio album. Long before his mainstream appeal, Action built his name from an extensive portfolio of impressive underground, mixtapes. After listening to a couple of his songs one can appreciate his current status as one of the top rappers. Most recently lyrics from his infamous verse on A$AP Rocky’s “1 Train,” caught the attention of Susan Sarandon. His vocabulary and the way he can piece lyrics together effortlessly is great music. This unique delivery, which sounds a lot like the somber drawl of Wu Tang’s “Ghostface Killah”, has satisfied the large demand for a NYC legend rapping about city tales.

Stylistically Bronson’s also created a brand that’s genuine and original. The past reality of being a line chef for a family restaurant before pursuing music full time hasn’t hurt his street cred. He’s gained a lot of popularity from being a down to earth, likable guy. He has a flair for pickup hoops, handball, tattoos, cooking, New York sports teams, retro clothing brands and Ronnie Fieg designed Asics and New Balance shoes. What’s there not to like anyone about a spot on Guy Fieri impersonation?

These essential characteristics are the DNA of his brand. It’s an attractive one to his many fans who root for an underdog. Nike’s Team Jordan included him for Derek Jeter’s farewell commercial showing he’s no stranger to anyone in NYC and his cooking show on Vice.com, Fuck That’s Delicious catalogs his love for global cuisine, weed, travel and music and it’s extremely popular.  Here’s a look at various and interesting selection of items seen in his wardrobe rotation.



The cordoury New York Jets hat is an impressive staple



Saint John’s “Red Storm” Game hat + hoodie



Old school UNLV “Running Rebels” Game hat and Reebok t-shirt



Ronnie Fieg x Asics Gel Lyte III


Supports Starter, Carhart and New Balance.



Loves New Balances and tattoos.

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2 thoughts on “Action + Fashion

  1. Matt Klecka says:

    Action Bronson’s popularity hasn’t made it to Bay Village yet. Never heard of him until now. Hard not to like a big guy who is sub 6′ though. I’ll have to check him out. Nice site!

    1. rogercoakley says:

      Thanks Matt!

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